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Creative Fuel Journey

A customized journey to transform your scattered thoughts and actions into alignment with your higher self so you can make a greater impact in the world. 

Six weeks - Immediate Start, upon availability 

Together, we’ll get clarity on what truly matters to you. I’ll guide you to connect with innovative and imaginative solutions so you can embrace more joy in your life.

During our collaboration, you’ll feel:

  • Focused and fully present in the moment

  • A deeper connection to the metaphysical aspects of your life

  • Balanced between taking life seriously and allowing room for lightheartedness

Your Program Includes:

A Deeply Healing Transformative Experience

Boost your creative fuel, reduce stress, and increase vitality.

Client Love
from Kris


 Amanda's guidance transformed my perspective on personal boundaries. Feeling devalued and worthless, her strategies and insightful exercises unveiled the root issues. Now, armed with newfound confidence, defining my core values has been life-altering. Amanda's gift lies in shifting perspectives and reframing challenges 


~ Kris D, Living a Life Well Lived

Amanda 2021 Lynn Walker Photography-10 Amanda Shay (1).jpg

Are you ready to experience a rebirth and awaken your creative potential? 

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