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Energy Alignment

Everything is energy. Every one is energy. All life is energy and we are transmitting it at every moment. We are all beaming little signals like radio frequencies, and the world is responding in kind. You are energy. Your thought begin it, your emotions amplify it and your actions increases its momentum. Where is your energy leading you and is it where you want to be? 

The Power Of Aligning Body,
Mind & Energy.

And how it can help you decrease overwhelm and increase vitality.


Touch Therapy

To touch is to give life as the body influences the mind and the mind influences the body. When the body stands down from its state of stress and emergency, the brain has the opportunity to connect with the nervous system to communicate that it is safe to relax.


Stress Relief

The effects of stress is felt on a physical and emotional level and although you can’t stop your body’s reaction to stress, you can learn to reduce, manage and mediate it. I offer simple yet effective tools to help reduce stress and increase peace of mind.


Energy Calibration

You are energy and when your energy is scattered and fragmented, you experience feelings of exhaustion, chaos, disconnection, and confusion. I help by re-calibrating body energy so you can be deeply connected with your soul’s path and fuel your fire within.


Focus Activation

We have 60,000 thoughts per day, 85% are negative, and 95% are the same thoughts as yesterday. We use 5% of our brain consciously and 95% unconsciously! Being Mindful of how you think, feel, speak and act will help you deliver your genius with more impact.


Spiritual Healing

Bringing awareness to how you feel and why it's important has never been more critical. Self-care and becoming educated about the human body, mind, and soul are humanity's revelations. Developing a healthy relationship with your body and energy will reprogram your mind to positively affect your body,  and fulfill your soul. 


Health & Vitality

By allowing your energy, intuition, and presence to govern, your feelings and emotions will move from polarizing and overwhelming to joyful and impactful. Feeling balanced and productive results in living with more harmony, consistency, and resilience. 

Anxiety and stress don't come from thinking about the future but from wanting to control it.

How people are suffering & why 
The Shay Method can make all the difference.


We are a society that is overwhelmed and stressed out with an over-committed schedule of things that do not bring us fulfillment. Stress is a sickness. You can’t catch it from a sneeze or a handshake however it can make you sick. Too much stress from your job, your relationships, or the evening news can have consequences on your health that manifest in physical ways.

“In people with chronic stress, we see high cholesterol, high blood pressure, angina, weight gain, sleep disturbance, osteoporosis -the list of health problems is endless really. In some cases, the problem is stress hormones that flood our body. In other cases, it’s our coping mechanisms - overeating, smoking, drugs, alcohol. People engage in all sorts of harmful addictive behaviors to deal with stress.” says integrative cardiologist Mimi Guarneri, M.D. On top of that, we now have Pandemic stress that is contributing to widespread mental exhaustion, negative health impacts, and unhealthy behaviors.

There are always going to be stressors in your life. What matters is how you react. The Shay Method is designed to guide you to reconnect with your Mind, Body, and Energy. You already have the healing power within you. To access this power, you must slow down, be still, and soften. In this space of peace, you can connect with your inner wisdom. Going with-in requires dedicated time, clear intention, self-love, and compassion. We will co-create sacred, confidential space. In so doing, you will be able to connect with your inner wisdom to allow harmonious flow and balance.

Gaining clarity and confidence in knowing what truly matters, which aspects are saying “yes” to life, and which aspects are more resistant or blocked, saying “no”.  Thus leaving you genuinely fulfilled and alive.

Improves Physical & Emotional Well-Being 

Increases Energy
& Vitality

Increases Focus
& Productivity

Increases Joy &
Peace of Mind

Natural &

Reduces Anxiety & Improves Sleep Quality

What are the benefits of mind, body & energy alignment?


The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.

Albert Einstein

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Ready to explore the natural healing powers of aligning Mind, Body and Energy?

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Client Love
from Muffadal

Muffadal Saylawala_edited.jpg

I was on a super intense journey and struggling to relax. Amanda put me at ease. I felt energy moving throughout my body removing blockages, releasing tension, and recalibrating. After the session was over, I didn’t want to get up. I just wanted to lay there forever and go deeper into this state of peace and tranquility.


~ Muffadal Saylawala, Holistic Leader

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